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Construction Charities of North America

To help home owners make necessary and emergency repairs to their homes, by hiring local professionals to complete the work.

Steve Wise

Board Member

Jack Williams

Founding Board Member


Ryan Snyder

Vice President, COO Founding board member, Union Carpenter,.

Brian Able

Secretary of the board, Founding board member, Union Carpenter

James Snyder

President, CEO 

Founding board member, Union Carpenter

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Construction Charities of North America


Support from all walks of life show us what it means to be a neighbor when disasters strike. Professionals and volunteers alike we need your help.

 We need your help, and so do the thousands of families that see their homes damaged or destroyed every year in natural disasters. Please join Construction Charities of North America for a day, afternoon, or just an hour to help these families. 

We are currently partnering with the City Of Bloomington to bring you the MOBILE HOME REHABILITATION PROGRAM (MHRP). The MHRP will remodel manufactured homes for low-moderate income families in the city of Bloomington, free of charge to the home owner.

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How to help your community and make a difference

Construction Charities of North America is devoted to helping families, veterans, elderly, and the handicapped citizens of our great country.

Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.


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